The Jambiani Kite Center, is the only VDWS Center on Zanzibar. It is located at the Red Monkey Lodge and directly at the spot.
Perfect conditions to learn how to kite!



Jambiani is located at the east coast of Zanzibar. The spot extends just in front of the Hotel and the Kite Center is the only one on the coastline within the next 4 kilometers. The huge and waist deep lagoon offers perfect conditions for beginners and intermediate kiters. It is surrounded by a reef far out which means that some corals might find their way to the shore (we recommend neoprene shoes for beginners).


Our VDWS licensed instructors train with the latest gear. Everyone speaks german and english fluently and they are always there for you, also to give you a good overview of the spot.


5 kilometers to the north of Jambiani you will find the most famous spot on Sansibar: Pajé.



The winter kitesurf season lasts from December till March. During the summer you can kitesurf from June until October. The wind is always sideshore and during the kitesurf seasons really reliable.
This spot is strongly regulated by tides, but it is also possible to kitesurf under low tide conditions after a short walk on the beach. During high tide launching the kite can be more difficult, that’s why we recommend kiting during high tide only for advanced kiters.
Because of small solitary corals it’s recommended to wear neoprene shoes.
Our VDWS licensed instructors teach with the latest kitesurf gear, are fluent in english and german and are always there for you to introduce the spot.

Kite courses and kite rental

Gear rental
Kite courses

  • 150€

    3 Hours Group Course “Introduction”

    Beginners will learn the basics of kitesurfing. If you have already had an introduction, this course is perfect to refresh your knowledge.


  • 280€

    6 Hours Group Course “Ready to Ride”

    Suits those best who already know how to control a kite and how to do bodydrags. The goal: VDWS Level 1+2


  • 350€

    9 Hours Group Course “On the Board”

    This course is perfect if you have already reached VDWS Level 1+2 . The goal is to do a water launch with your board and ride a couple of meters with excellent kite control.


  • 80€

    Private Course per Hour

    For those who want to learn special techniques or feel more comfortable in a private atmosphere. The course starts when the student is ready.


  • 50€

    Private Course after Course

    In addition to a course you have booked in the last 14 days.


  • 54€

    Kite Rental

    60% of the total rent of material


  • 36€

    Board Rental

    40% of the total rent of material


  • 90€

    Total rent of material for 1 day

    Material for one day with launch- and landing service


  • 60€

    Rent of material half a day

    3-4 hours complete pack of material with option to change


  • 60€

    Rent of material for 3 days or more

    Complete pack of material, with launch- and landing service, for 3 or more consecutive days (price per day)


  • 50€

    Rent of material for 7 days or more

    Complete pack of material, with launch- and landing service, for 7 or more consecutive days (price per day)



  • 20-55€

    Jambiani – Paje (south) / Paje – Jambiani (north)

    9 km Downwind Trip – approximately 2 h.
    (the price depends on the number of riders – max. 5 riders)


  • 30-75€

    Jambiani-Michamvi (south) / Michamvi-Jambiami (north)

    22 km Downwinder Trip – approximately 3 h.


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